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Alright, yes, I know, this took me an insane amount of time to get up for you guys. Actually, I didn't finish it all at once. In order to surprise a friend, a friend who was really the only reason I wanted to finish the story, I decided to withhold chapters until I could give her the entire story as a birthday present, because I'm poor and have no money. But anyways, I was waiting until she read it before I posted it up for the general public. Like a sneak peek, if you will. However, that was two weeks ago, ish. Also right around that time, I decided to straighten up my room a bit...and my USB where the story was being held went MIA until tonight. So here it is, the final chapters of "Richardson Hall is Haunted." Enjoy.
Alright, all of the A Superhero Story chapters are completely edited. I'm going to try and be more careful in the future so I don't have to do something like this again. That was annoying. A couple disclaimers. Even thought the chapters no longer say "edited" at the top, they are still the edited versions. I just didn't feel the need to keep that there when there was only one version of each chapter now. Also, even though there are less chapters, the content is the same, so don't worry that I've left anything out. Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon, but no promises or guarantees. Have a happy holiday season. ^_^

This is my sister's fic that she did for history class. It's awesome. Check it out.
So I've made a lot of changes to "A Superhero Story" since I've posted it up, and in such a way that it would be impossible to simply edit what I have up. So for a little bit, I'm going to be taking down the chapters and re-posting them. So don't panic if you can't find a chapter. It will be up soon. I'm not going to take anything off if I don't have the time to put it back up. So expect some change there, and keep reading. Next chapter is in the works, so wish me luck. I'm on a roll - lets hope it stays that way (knock on wood.) Also, if it seems like there are less chapters at the end than the beginning, I promise that's on purpose. I combine a couple chapters, so the numbers will be a little off, but the content is basically the same.
It's poetry season! I hate that it came in the middle of NaNoWriMo, but hey, what can you do? Poetry season is in. Poetry season is about three months out of my life where I write poetry like crazy. I can't seem to find inspiration for anything else when it happens. So, temporarily, all my characters leave me, putting stories on hold. Please enjoy the multitude of poems until my characters come back. :)
I decided to put this since I've been changing a lot. NOTE: THE SUPERHERO STORY PROFILES ARE NOT SET IN STONE. This means that, if a detail in a profile doesn't fit the story, I can just nix it in the profile. However, I probably won't actually go in and fix the profile. THE STORY IS LAW. Think of it this way: the main story is the Constitution and the profiles are State Law. The story trumps anything that the profiles might have said.

Because I don't want to COMPLETELY throw you under the bus, here are the two changes I've made so far.
1. Amari no longer has the power to control the weather. Instead she has healing powers.
2. Cael-kamahs never left the circus. He still works for it but also still does the investigation work on the side.

I'm still working on the next chapter, but it should be done some time this week and then I can get to work on chapter 6 and have both out by next Sunday. Sorry again for not having a chapter for you today. :)
So there will not be a chapter today. Don't worry, it's for a very good reason. The chapter is actually finished. But I couldn't decide what point of view I wanted to write it from, so I'm going to write it again from the other point of view and post up one of soon as I decide. I have no idea when that will be. Hopefully it will be sometime this week and I can post up two chapters by next Sunday. So wish me luck and see you next time!
So there's probably no way I can legitly do this, but I'm sure going to try. I'm going to try posting something, anything up on DA every Sunday. This might just be a poem, but I'm going to try to make it a new chapter for something. So I'm going to need everyone's help bugging me on Saturday to get the chapter done. Wish me luck and happy reading!
Tag! You're it!! okay here goes

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 Facts about themselves in their journal.
3. Then Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly, with all honesty) have to tag 11 people.



1. I'm in color guard in marching band, on trumpet in jazz band, and I sing in the choir. And I dance

2. I think Antonio Banderas is the sexiest man alive.

3. sillyguardtard has gotten me addicted to Assassin's Creed. i'm still going through withdrawl

4. I am a total, complete, proud-of-it nerd. Seriously, just ask me any question about any universe. 0.o

5. I am currently so bored that i've resorted to cross stitching these adorable bears. i'm hoping to make a pillow.

6. I have a crush on a guy in the military and he doesn't even know it.  

7. I love hiking and camping and just being outside. (stolen lol ^_^)

8. I love all kinds of music but my favorite is, and always will be, country.

9. I'm addicted to Facebook.

10. I love that sillyguardtard put a Three Musketeers reference here.

11. I currently hate all technology.


My answers to sillyguardtard's questions:

1. Witch is better, Marvel or DC? (first, WHICH) but definitely Marvel. The character are more interesting, and hey, Captain America. nuf said.
2. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Scotland. For the history and beer. And scenery. And family there. And the cute guys with hot Scottish accents
3. Do you watch the history channel? sometimes, with my dad
4. DO you know what DCI stands for? ...if i said no, would you still be my friend? lol drum core international
5. What's the best place you have ever been camping at? honestly, the movie theather :) tent and everything. (told you i was a nerd)
6. What's your dream car? DeLorean
7. What would you do if I showed up on your door step with a box of cookies? OMNOMNOMNOM...what cookies? lol
8. Do you believe in aliens or ghosts? yes (the universe is huge, so it's more than possible it's probable), and...i keep telling myself that i don't, but then i get totally freaked out when a door slams unexplainably
9. What scares you most? not being able to breathe. it's my biggest fear
10. How often do you play video games? daily, at least, if not more
11. Are these questions getting annoying? only if you ask one more


And then my questions -

1. NSYNC or Backstreet boys?
2. What was your favorite tv show as a kid?
3. Do you like waffles?
4. Do you like french toast?
5. Do you like pancakes? (can't wait to get a mouthful)
6. Who do you think is the sexiest actor/actress?
7. What would be your dream job?
8. Who's your favorite Friends character?
9. Who's your favorite Big Bang Theory character?
10. What would you do if every comic book superhero was suddenly real?
11. Do you have an "archnemesis"? If so, who?

i'm going to do tagbacks, sorry :) tagging sillyguardtard and silycllarinet and duchess of night. don't really have that many friends on here yet.
I found this online and thought it was hilarious, so I thought I would write them out and share them with my DA friends. Some can be understood by all, but for the most part you have to know at least a little bit about music and marching band to understand.

1. Accelerando: What happens when drummers have to keep a steady beat
2. Accidentals: The wrong notes.
3. Air: The driving force behind brass instruments, but generally lacks in woodwinds, therefore causing squeaks.
4. Alto Saxophone: A musical instrument that either plays very loud or not at all between squeaks.
5. Arc: A shape with between one and five corners and one open side.
6. Astroturf: How to fall.
7. Attention: Standing still while sticking out your elbows, chest, and chin and being in constant pain. Can only talk in whispers so that no section leaders hear you.
8. Audition: the act of putting oneself under extreme duress to satisfy the sadistic intentions of someone who has already made up his mind.
9. Band:
1) A group of musicians who get together to upset the orchestra members.
2) Slightly organized noise.
10. Band Director: A person who organizes the noise. (Assistant band director: A person who organizes less important noise.)
11. Band Boosters: A group of bored band family members who raise money to send the band far away.
12. Band Camp: A week in the hottest part of summer when band nerds reunite and kick off the band mating season. Mostly used to establish seniority and levels.
13. Band Mating Season: Between June and November when band nerds pair off exclusively and find it their right to display their affection for one another (gag!).
14. Band Nerd: Someone who is very enthusiastic and involved in band. Willing to give up all free time.
15. Band Parents: A few dedicated individuals that travel with the band and perform such tasks as fixing uniforms and distributing those beautiful plumes.
16. Band Reject: Any member who is not accepted by anyone in the band besides their own section (cough cough... percussionists).
17. Band Room: To be thought of as your home for four months out of the year.
18. Baritone Horn Players: Persons for whom music is written in either bass or treble clefs thus explaining the continual outpouring of wrong notes. i.e. "This is in bass clef and I read treble".
19. Baritone Sax: Instrument for woodwind players that are wannabe tuba players.
20. Bar line: a gathering of people, usually among which may be found a musician or two.
21. Bassoon: A bedpost with a bad case of gas.
22. Beat: What music students do to each other with their instruments. The down beat is performed on top of the head, while the up beat is struck under the chin
23. Be Quiet! (Command): You can talk if nobody catches you.
24. Bi-Sectional: The term given to one who plays different instruments for different ensembles.
25. Brain Fart: A mistake involving an escape of gaseous substances from the head usually in conjunction with missing a set.
26. Brass: Metallic looking and sounding devices designed to over-blow and get dented extremely easily.
27. Bus:
1) A good way to get to know someone (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, if you know what I mean), however the most painful way in the world to watch a movie.
2) The best place to sing country music.
3) A portable changing room.
28. Cadence: A way of making the crowd forget that the band just played. Good time for band section visuals.
29. Center Snare: The leader of the percussion section whose main requirement for the job is to not be able to hold a steady tempo.
30. Chair: See how high you rank on the food chain in your section.
31. Christmas: the one time of year when you wish you weren't in band
32. Circle: A closed shape with definite corners and edges.
33. Chromatic scale: an instrument for weighing that indicates half-pounds
34. Clarinet: Licorice stick that squeaks.
35. Clarinetist: A person who leaves old and broken reeds on the floor for you to throw away for them.
36. Classes: Waste of non-band time.
37. Clef: Something to jump from before the trumpet solo. (Bass Clef: Where you wind up after the trumpet solo)
38. Coloratura soprano: a singer who has great trouble finding the proper note, but who has a wild time hunting for it.
39. Color guard: People who swing flags and toss rifles to distract the audience's attention away from the band. Makes the band seem better. Get extra credit if they hit (accidentally, of course) a band member, yet defied if they hit a field judge (although they gain major points with audience appeal).
40. Conducting: The Drum Major's method of amusing the band to points of laughter at times.
41. Conductor: An ignorable figure capable of following numerous individuals at once
42. Crack: A substance that too many people are smoking, When this term is used, it usually involves some one behaving in an odd way.
43.Crescendo: a reminder to the performer that he has been playing too loudly.
44.Cut Time: The sudden realization that everyone else is playing twice as fast as you are.
45.Cymbals: Percussion instruments to be dropped while the band plays pianissimo.
46.Dancing: Done in the stands when one does not know their pep band music.
47.Detaché: an indication that the trombones are to play with their slides removed.
48.Director: The person who claims to be in charge when everything is going well and claims denial when things go wrong.
49.Divine Comedy: Watching the drum major attempt to keep a correct tempo.
50.Dollar Bill: A device for cleaning saxophone pads.
51.Dr. Beat: A form of cruel and unusual punishment (violation of the 8th Amendment) that is bestowed over a loudspeaker when working on already-learned music.
52.Drill: Pages that show what a form is supposed to look like. Should be burned at year's end.
53.Drill-Down: When the band follows a long set of commands from the drum major, just to see who can do it, in an attempt at fun.
54.Drill Book: Gives you the power to walk around and talk on the field. Makes it look like you are fixing shapes.
55.Drum Corps: Very similar to marching band, except for a few differences: 1)They are good. 2) No woodwinds. Coincidence?
56.Drum Major: A student band director, or group of student band directors, who think they are directing the band but merely move their hands in the same tempo on every song like a robot.
57.Drum-Tap: A snare beat loud enough for the judges to hear, and quiet enough so band doesn't hear.
58.Drum line: The people hitting the drums (or each other) with sticks in time with each other, but either a half beat earlier or later than the band and one beat from the pit.
59.Early: Doesn't exist. Reasoning: To be early is to be on time, while to be on time is to be late, but to be late is to be dead. Following this through, early does not exist.
60.Fermata: A chance for the conductor to catch his breath while attempting to make his wind players pass out.
61.Fight Song: A cheerful, cheesy song that every band member could sing even if they slipped into a coma.
62.Flute: A sophisticated pea shooter with a range of up to 500 yards.
63.Freshmen: Designed to make up half the size of the band. Can't play or march, irritating the upperclassmen
64.Full Uniform: A form of torture consisting of pants, a heavy wool jacket, a choking ugly hat (with that strikingly beautiful yet flammable plume), and "special" shoes.
65.Glissando: The way woodwind players play difficult runs.
66.Gong: A loud, large cymbal-like device. It is the goal of all good percussionists to break or crack this instrument in any way possible.
67.Half step: the pace used by a cellist when carrying his instrument.
68.Halt: A time when everyone is theoretically stopped.
69.Hell: Inferno, half day / no school rehearsals, and camp food.
70.Home: The band room.
71.Instructor: Person who tells you when you're screwing up.
72.Interval, Spacing: A space between two band members that is random as the Drum Major's tempo.
73.Jazz: Supposedly an All-American art form, but really just an excuse for everybody to play whatever and whenever they want without getting yelled at.
74.Juniors: Wannabe seniors who think they can boss people around.
75.Key Change: A change in the tonal center of a piece that takes place 3-5 measures after it is written in the music.
76.Laps: An alternative to pushups, though not as effective.
77.Memorization: Learning the cool part of the song instead of your own.
78.MP: Abbreviation seen in music that stands for "mighty powerful".
79.Music: Pieces of paper that are lost and forgotten numerous times throughout the season.
80.Never: Try not to get caught.
81.Notes: Little black things on paper that show what music should, in theory, sound like. Unfortunately we are not in theory, we are in band.
82.Oboe: An instrument that never works.
83.Page Turn: How to not play the hard parts.
84.Piccolo: Like a flute except you can hear it's out of tune.
85.Play: Put your horn to your face. Take a breath. Then realize that you dropped something or need to fix something.
86.Playing Test: Yeah right.
87.Practice: The repetition of a piece until you get it right or you kill your director. Whichever comes first.
88.Private Lessons: The only sign of a true band nerd.
89.Quit: Everyone tries to do it.....very few actually succeed.
90.Rain: Nature's way of telling the band they need to go inside and work on music.
91.Rifle: A large wooden stick used to break nails and bruise heads.
92.Risoluto: indicates to orchestras that they are to stubbornly maintain the correct tempo no matter what the conductor tries to do.
93.Ritard: The idiot behind the stick.
94.Saxophone: A brass/woodwind instrument that plays too loud in concert band, too soft in marching band and gets all the solos in jazz band.
95.Saxophonist: A retard.
96.Seniority: The right and privilege earned to cut in line and basically be mean to freshmen.
97.Senza sordino: a term used to remind the player that he forgot to put his mute on a few measures back.
98.SFZ: Blatting, stopping, Blasting.
99.Solo: In Marching band, you get to stand still while everybody else has to march, and nobody even knows you played.
In concert band, you are not heard and you get to take a bow.
In jazz band, You barf through your horn and take a bow. Everybody loves it.
100.Sophomores: Try to make up for being abused as a freshmen by picking on the incoming freshmen as much as possible.
101.Spring Band Trip: Way too expensive for what it is. A week long excursion to a tourist-y attraction where band nerds run amok amongst unsuspecting tourists and innocent bystanders.
102.Standing: What the brass line does in jazz band. Due to a weakness in the saxes and rhythm section, they do not stand. Some are man enough to handle it but they sit anyways.
103.String quartet: a good violinist, a bad violinist, an ex-violinist, and someone who hates violinists, all getting together to complain about composers.
104.Squeak: The only sign that a clarinet is playing.
105.Subito piano: indicates an opportunity for some obscure orchestra player to become a soloist.
106.Tan Lines: Found around the ankles, upper arms, and thigh region on all attendees of band camp. Never goes away. Ever.
107.Tenor Saxophone: Bigger, louder, uglier. (The players and the horns.)
108.Tempo Change: Signal for musicians to ignore the conductor.
109.Three/Four Time: One would think this is impossible in marching band. Yet, due to massive retardation caused by excessive UV rays, we actually march better in 3/4 time. Truly bizarre.
110.Time: A way to keep the band continuously out of step.
111.Transposition: the act of moving the relative pitch of a piece of music that is too low for the basses to a point where it is too high for the sopranos.
112.Trumpet: A way to make the band sound better. If the trumpets play loud enough, then you can't hear any other mistakes.
113.Trumpet Player: A person who thinks that every note has 8va written above it.
114.Trombone: A device that has the same pitch as the baritone, except that it is played with a slide, so it is easier to forget the positions.
115.Tuba: An instrument that is supposed to help keep time but nobody can ever hear it
116.Tune: What we do to get most of the band within a half step of each other.
117.Tuning: Eternity.
118.Unison: See minor second.
119.Valve: A device that sticks during difficult parts of the music or during crucial solos.
120.Valve Oil:
1) Only one person in the band has it at any given time.
2) A form of currency for brass players.
121.Vibrato: How to hide that you are out of tune.
122.Visual: A way of keeping people interested in the marching show. Placed right after a difficult passage so that the judges will forget that the band sucks.
123.Water Break: Read: water fight.
1) A chance to play football or do headstands on the field.
2) A chance to act like monkeys.
124.Whining: How to get yourself out sectionals. One slight drawback: you have to run until sectionals are over.
125.Whispering: How you must talk at attention. Unless a section leader is talking, and then you don't have to be at attention anymore.
126.Woodwinds: Proof that God has a sense of humor.
127.Yelling: Something that drum majors do too much of.
I've been stuck behind a HUGE writing roadblock since I posted my last chapter. I could probably keep writing, but that would just make it sound forced, and nobody wants to read that. And I don't want to put out anything that I'm not happy with. So I'm going to take a little break from my major stories. Do some short one-shots. Maybe write some poetry. And hopefully this road block I'm stopped at has some nifty construction going on behind it that I can turn into a brilliant story. But for now, look for the small things. Adios, Amigos!