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A Superhero Story Chapter 24 - Time to Say Goodbye
Amato grunted as he tried to push a heavy chunk of plaster aside. He had been struggling to free himself for the past fifteen minutes. In the chaos of the roof collapsing, his earpiece had fallen out and been buried somewhere in the rubble. Not knowing what was going on out in the street made him feel uneasy, and he redoubled his efforts. With one last push the plaster gave way, opening up a small gap in the rubble. A ray of sunlight broke through the gloom. Amato frantically pushed at the hole until it was big enough for him to wiggle through. Once he was out, he climbed up on top of the rubble pile to see what was going on.
The sight that greeted him wasn’t a pretty one. On the roof across from him, Azaria, Cael, and Ruaia were lying spread out, unmoving. On the rooftop next to him, hanging from a flagpole, was Kethri, her hand pressed to her side, face pale and sickly, blue liquid dripping from her hand to the ground. He followed the drips and saw Amari lying face up in a smal
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A Superhero Story Chapter 23 - A Battle Without...
Seven blocks from the action, Azaria had to find a place to park. The police had cordoned off a four-block radius and another three were filled with prying spectators.
Pulling her mask up over her face, Azaria motioned for everyone to follow as she leapt up onto a building and started climbing. The only way there was probably going to be from above.
Kethri and Ruaia flew alongside while the others raced across the rooftops. It was obvious from the floating cars and debris where the epicenter was.
Hovering above city hall, right in the middle of town was the weird guy they had seen on TV.
They skidded to a stop at the end of the last roof. The man was already turned towards them, like he knew they were coming and where from. “Are you this planet’s heroes?” A surprisingly tenor voice came out from under the hood. Weren’t all villains deep basses?
Kethri stopped mid-attack from trying to sneak up on his left. “Are we what now?”
If they could see his eye
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A Superhero Soundtrack Playlist
Chapter 1 - Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins
Chapter 2 - Hit me with your Best Shot by Pat Benetar
Chapter 3 - Mr. Roboto by Styx
Chapter 4 - Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite by The Beatles
Chapter 5 - An Unexpected Party by Howard Shore
Chapter 6 - Best Friend’s Brother by Victoria Justice
Chapter 7 - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Emily Browning
Chapter 8 - I've Got No Strings from The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Chapter 9 - Masquerade by Eric Saade
Chapter 10 - Kiss on My List by Hall & Oats
Chapter 11 - Holding out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler
Chapter 12 - Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi
Chapter 13 - Beat It by Michael Jackson
Chapter 14 - It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls
Chapter 15 - When You’re Evil by Voltaire
Chapter 16 - Watch The World Burn by James Newton Howard & Hanz Zimmer
Chapter 17 - Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace
Chapter 18 - The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls
Chapter 19 - I'm No Superman by Lazlo Bane
Chapter 20 - Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant
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A Superhero Story Chapter 22 - Eye of the Tiger
Kethri walked into the kitchen from down in the basement, where she had been hunkered down all day, to find that everyone was gathered around the kitchen table, looking grim with drinks in their hands. Even Cael was there, although he looked decidedly less sad. She froze, not knowing what to do.
Amato noticed her standing awkwardly off to the side and went over. “What’s going on?” Kethri asked softly, trying not to disrupt the atmosphere.
“It’s Kayden’s birthday today,” Amato answered, just as quietly. Kethri nodded. Remembering Amari’s brother would definitely cause the deflation in energy that she felt. She turned to leave, feeling like an intruder since she had never known Kayden, but Amato took her hand, pulled her to the table, and poured her a glass of scotch.
Amari stood up. “To Kayden.” She toasted and everyone followed suit. It was a simple ritual, just something that allowed them to take a moment to remember him. Ket
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A Superhero Story Chapter 21 - Take a Hint
Chapter 21 - Take a Hint
Antain, Amari, Kethri, and Amato all sat huddled around the coffee table in the living room playing their version of “extreme game night”. It was a convoluted concoction of Uno, Phase 10, poker, and chess.
“I win!” Antain said, slamming a red two down onto the Uno discard pile.
“So you think!” Amato countered. “But remember, you can’t play a red card when your knight is on a white space.”
Antain looked down at the chess board. “Cazzo!”
“Why are you getting all mad? That’s the rule you came up with.” Amato laughed. Antain made a face at him and drew another card.
“You know guys, as much fun as this is, I have to go.” Amari said getting up.
“Aww really?” Kethri whined. “But the game was just starting to get good.”
“Really really.” Amari said, moving towards the door.
“Where are you going?” Antain asked.
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A Superhero Story Chapter 20 - Electric Avenue
Chapter 20 - Electric Avenue
A week later, Amato was finally released from intensive care with only a slight limp. Amari’s healing skills were magic Amari, Azaria, and Kethri sat in the kitchen in their pajamas, eating cereal. Kethri was fuming over a rubik's cube while Azaria was watching some news report on the upcoming elections and Amari had found a straw and was blowing bubbles in her cereal milk. Without taking her eyes off the screen, Azaria reached over and snatched the straw away from her. Amari made a face and tried to grab the straw back, but Azaria held it just out of her reach.
Luo nanan lorati!” Kethri yelled in frustration, slamming the Rubix Cube down on the table, causing Azaria to look at her in surprise and Amari to freeze midway through grabbing a new straw. They could almost see the steam blowing out her ears.
“What language was that?” Azaria asked. She might not know every language fluently, but she could generally recognize w
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A Superhero Story Chapter 19- I'm No Superman
Chapter 19- I'm No Superman
Just after seven in the morning after everyone had calmed down from the chaos from earlier, everyone started to trickle off to get some sleep. Antain had to carry Amari to her room, she was exhausted to the point where she could barely sit up let alone walk. Azaria and Adamar walked Ruaia to the door.  
“I’m guessing that by now you’ve figured out who we are,” Azaria said, looking at Ruaia as she stepped over Kethri, who had fallen asleep on the floor.
“You’re the Coreia family,” she stated. “At least, most of you are.”
Azaria nodded. “Yeah.” Close enough, at least.
“So now that I know who you are and where your house is, am I still allowed to leave?” Ruaia asked.
Azaria nodded. “Sure you can leave. Just remember that most of us could kill you with a fingertip and you’d never see it coming.” She said it lightly, but Ruaia could tell that she was completely wi
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A Superhero Story Chapter 18 - The Great Escape
“Is this the place?” Ruaia asked, stepping out the car door. The building looked like every other office building in the area. It was tall. The outside walls were made of smooth red bricks. Large windows lined one side.
“Yup. Or at least, it’s the address that Adamar gave me,” Azaria said. After looking for a security camera she walked up to the door and inspected it, pulling out her lockpicks.
“You know way too much about disabling traps, you have an arsenal in your bedroom, and can picks locks. Anything else I should know about you before we continue?” Ruaia asked, walking up behind her.
“You don’t really get the ‘stealthy’ thing, do you?” Azaria asked, working on the lock.
Ruaia rolled her eyes. “It’s three o’clock in the morning. I don’t think ‘stealthy’ is going to be an issue.” She looked around at the empty streets. They were kind of eerie in the darkness. Probably g
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A Superhero Story Chapter 17 - Get out Alive
Amari groaned, keeping her eyes closed tight. She wasn’t sure if what had happened with Connor was a dream or what, but at least she was back home now. She could feel someone poking her in the side. Probably Azaria trying to get her out of bed. She wondered what time it was. She felt so sleepy. “Five more minutes,” she mutter groggily. She tried to roll over but her arms wouldn’t move. She opened her eyes in a panic, trying to sit up but again being unable to move. At first, all she could see was a blinding light above her, flourescent white. She blinked a few times, trying to clear her vision. Slowly, the rest of the room slid into focus. Turning her head she could see a long table with beakers that held all sorts of variously colored liquids, long tubes connecting some of them. Some of them sat on top of bunsen burners, bubbling softly. Other strange objects covered the table, but what they were used for she had no clue.
Looking up, she could almost see her ha
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A Superhero Story Chapter 16 - Watch the World ...
Ruaia hurried down the block once she and the guys split up, glad they had been called elsewhere. She wanted to review the note in private. The note itself was fine, but there had been a picture with it that she would like to keep to herself. She still didn’t quite trust them and she didn’t want them knowing all the information she did. All that was shown was part of a shirt, but it had to be Ryan. It couldn’t be anyone else. Nobody else in their right mind would wear that stupid shark tooth pin all the time.
She took off towards his house, about half a mile away from her own. If there was any clue as to where he was now, it had to be there. It was times like this that she really wished that she had a car. She would have to look into that later. Instead she had to rely on her own two feet. But even running it would take her five minutes, and she couldn’t risk flying in broad daylight in her street clothes. Something told her that a girl flying through the sky wi
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Friend Zone
People who have never been in
the Friend Zone
don't understand it.
It's an excuse for those
who are too shy to admit,
who don't go out enough.
But it's not.
It's a place where love
is one-sided and sad,
where it doesn't matter
if you say it
or when
because it's not going to make a difference
either way.
You're still going to go home
waiting for something
you know will never happen.
For people who live
beyond the confines of
the Friend Zone,
people there are
Whatever the reason,
it's their own fault.
But it's not.
Some people are just
too awkward.
Some people are just
Some people are just
destined to wait, always.
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One of the Band
Sweaty slaxophones slathered in sunscreen,
pea-shooters tuning for practice
after a summer away.
All fall into line, heads high, bodies unmoving.
       Band, atten-hutt!
       S C!

Time to get ready,
learn by the constant
CLICK click click click
       CLICK click click click
               CLICK click click click
of Dr. Beat,
following everywhere on
Long-Ranger legs.
       Mark time hutt!
Everyone from squeaky licorice sticks
to flag-spinning guardies snap
into unison stomping,
signifying the beginning
of band mating season
and endless fundraiser hell.
       Forward, march!
Every great journey begins
with a twenty-two and a half inch step,
left foot first.
Start off with basics.
Freshmen cry for a drink
while Seniors demand a drill-down
to show off their mad skills
only to be distracted
by the sprinklers turning on.
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A Superhero Story Chapter 15 - When You're Evil
Ruaia walked down the street to her house, digging through her purse for her keys. She just needed to make a quick pit stop before going off to her next job. After punching in her code for the gate, she tried to step through but was stopped suddenly by a falling body.
She quickly took a step back to avoid being hit. “Oh my gosh, are you oka-” She began to say, but was stopped by something registering in the back of her mind. Not only was it odd that he had managed to orient himself and land on his feet, but he had a knife out and at the ready by the time he hit the ground, and the jacket he was wearing looked familiar. She knew she had seen that red and black jacket somewhere before...then it hit her. This was one of the guys that had been at the bank robbery that other day! But why was he here?
“You?” She asked, taking a step closer to him, making sure that it was the person she thought that it was. The young man looked up at her.
“You!” He said tri
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Pengui and the Legend of the Lost Cupcake by opaldreamer Pengui and the Legend of the Lost Cupcake :iconopaldreamer:opaldreamer 0 0 Pengui and the Birthday Cupcake by opaldreamer Pengui and the Birthday Cupcake :iconopaldreamer:opaldreamer 0 0
A Superhero Story Chapter 14 - It's Raining Men
Early the next morning, Cael made his way down to Adamar’s computer lab. Yesterday, just before they had split to go their different ways, he had managed to slip a tracking device on Fire Phoenix. Call him suspicious, but he was very interested in who she was and what she was up to. He came through the door and saw Adamar sitting in front of his computer watching some sort of footage.
“Hey Adamar! Can you do me a favor?” Cael said, coming up behind him. Adamar didn’t even look up from him computer.
“What do you need?” He asked. Cael looked to the screen over Adamar’s shoulder.
“What are you watching?” He asked
“It’s footage from all the people who saw your guys’s little show yesterday.” Adamar said. The image on the screen was of one of them getting thrown across the room. “You guys really got your butts handed to you.”
“Yeah...don’t remind me.” Cael said rubbing the knot on his
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Alright, yes, I know, this took me an insane amount of time to get up for you guys. Actually, I didn't finish it all at once. In order to surprise a friend, a friend who was really the only reason I wanted to finish the story, I decided to withhold chapters until I could give her the entire story as a birthday present, because I'm poor and have no money. But anyways, I was waiting until she read it before I posted it up for the general public. Like a sneak peek, if you will. However, that was two weeks ago, ish. Also right around that time, I decided to straighten up my room a bit...and my USB where the story was being held went MIA until tonight. So here it is, the final chapters of "Richardson Hall is Haunted." Enjoy.


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